You Can Be An Entrepreneur

Is it worth an hour of your time to get started down the a path that could change your life? If your answer to that is yes, read on.

Being an entrepreneur is about taking creative ideas an turning them into action. Entrepreneurs have generally been involved in business, but that is not longer the case. In a rapidly changing world, you can use the entrepreneurial mindset - adapting personal creativity, abilities and passions to make change - to create a future for yourself that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Yes, you might want to start a business that lets you get paid to do what you love or as an alternative to the typical mindless teen job. However, you can use that same entrepreneurial approach to make school more personally meaningful, bring change to create a better world, or to reinvent your current job.

Getting Started In Acting Entrepreneurially

The basic skills of the entrepreneurial mindset can be learned and applied by anyone. We've combined our experience as entrepreneurs and as educators to create a resource that lets you get started quickly. After that, you can build on those accomplishments to continually build your entrepreneurial skills and move towards the future that you envision.

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