About Us

Why "Creative Iteration"?

There are two schools of thought on how to approach a large, difficult problem. One is to develop a detailed plan to solve the problem, work out all the details, and then put that plan into action. The other is to start chipping away at the problem in small steps, learning what works and what doesn't as you go - this is called iteration.

For well understood problems with known solutions, detailed planning can be very successful. However, we feel that in business and in life, the majority of hard problems do not have predictable solutions, and they require creativity in problem solving. By successive creative iterations, we can bring our strengths, skills and passions to bear fully on a problem.

Who We Are

Pete Welter's passion for helping teens think and act entrepreneurially comes from a background that mixes experiences in startups, education, software development, management and parenthood. He has learned (often the hard way) how useful creative iteration can be in growing a business, finding fulfillment in school, teaching a class, building software, and making a job your own.